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Sustainability Reports

The need to address climate change is a pressing issue. But it is not just the responsibility of the government, businesses too, are increasingly required to consider sustainability as an essential part of their operations and procedures. With extensive experience of sustainability and the environment, RR Paice & Co offer a complete service with regard to this.

We can assist with the preparation of sustainability reports, Energy Performance Certificates and compliance with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) 2018 in England and Wales and in Scotland Section 63 of The Climate Change Act 2009 and The Assessment of Energy Performance in Non-Domestic Buildings (Scotland) 2016.

We’ll undertake a survey of your buildings, make an assessment of your organisation and submit a comprehensive sustainability report. Our report will provide recommendations that will help you achieve your sustainability goals along with a sustainability check list and it will demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices.

Our services include:

  • Advice on reducing carbon emissions and minimising your carbon footprint
  • Advice on environmentally responsible building materials and construction methods
  • Advice on initiatives to improve energy performance levels in your buildings
  • Advice on energy consumption and renewable energy sources
  • Advice on waste management practices and recycling
  • Advice on water management and the reduction of water consumption

Current Government proposals aim to meet net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and environmental legislation has already come into force. From 1st April 2023 MEES requires that buildings must be at Band E level as a minimum threshold and this restriction will apply to all lettings, exemptions may be available to a landlord which will need to be investigated.

It is going to become necessary for landlords to improve the energy performance of a building in the very near future, establishing an EPC rating that is well beyond the MEES minimum threshold as this will rise to Band C in 2025 in England and 2028 in Scotland.

So act now. A sustainability survey can help you to make environmentally responsible decisions so your business is prepared for a greener future. Sustainable practices will help to build confidence in your organisation and contribute long-term value. As well as this, implementation of some or all of our recommendations could assist in reducing costs.

If you are in need of advice in relation to sustainability and environmental matters please call 0333 090 4258 or complete and submit our enquiry form.

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