The Government has now released more details and an update with regard to the Building Safety Act 2022. In this respect, from 1 October 2023 the new Dutyholder Regime has been introduced into the Building Regulations.
There is now clear recognition that the new Gateway 2 and 3 Regime is applicable to high rise buildings (HRB). It now only requires two dwellings or other units of living accommodation to be subject to the Building Control Regime.
There are also changes to the Defective Premises Act 1972 creating new and longer lasting liabilities for defective work that apply retrospectively with a liability of 30 years from 28 June 2022.
Construction and cladding product manufacturers also face increased liability.
There will be a levy on new residential developments, however the details have yet to be fully set out. 
Additionally the Act now requires for new build homes warranties to be provided by developers. The period of cover under the policy must be at least 15 years and there are financial penalties for developers who do not provide the warranty.
More information is expected in due course as the Government processes the sheer volume of this legislation and its wider application.