We’re coming to the end of another year and although we have weathered the pandemic there have still been significant problems for everyone. Fortunately at RR Paice & Co, even as the economy has faltered we have carried on. Throughout the year we received a range of instructions and worked with some notable new clients including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, NGB Architecture, Arbonne Trust and the London Borough of Wandsworth, plus many more. I would like to think this is largely due to the high levels of service we provide and the number of clients that return to us and also recommend us to others.

To better prepare the business for the economic difficulties that are expected throughout the world and particularly in the UK, next year, we have taken a tough decision and closed our Kent office. After nearly 17 years at Wested Court it had become home and this will be a big change for us. However it was clear after Lockdown, as many businesses have discovered, that the office space we had was not entirely necessary. Working from home with modern communications and the increased use of innovative technology we are able to continue to provide all our services and fully support our clients.

We will be opening a new smaller, regional administrative office near Bath next year and we are looking forward to the new opportunities this will offer. More about that in our next post but for now we wish all of our clients and friends a Merry Christmas and hope that 2023 proves all the Humbug wrong and turns out to be a prosperous New Year.