The Government are intending to change Energy Reports in several ways from 20 September 2020. 


The biggest change is that Energy Reports (including domestic, commercial, new build EPC’s, DEC’s and air conditioning reports) will no longer be created and provided as PDF’s but will instead be URL’s (or links) to the EPC page on a “.gov” website. A printable version will be available once the report has been posted. It will be the page on the online register itself that is classed as the EPC, instead of a PDF or physical version.


In addition to this, Energy Reports of all types will be hosted on one central register, which has been developed in house by the Government and will reside in a “.gov” website. The reason behind this is that the Energy Performance data should remain central to the Government thinking and policy while they aim to meet their 2050 targets. Another reason behind this change is to improve the Energy Efficiency experience for owners, landlords and tenants by allowing them to access information beyond the actual certificates. This might include information on next steps for improving efficiency, where to find the grants and funding opportunities and installers/contractors etc. 

Draft EPC’s

A further change that the Government has made is that creating draft EPC versions will no longer be a function meaning that all completed EPC’s will be lodged to the central register no matter what rating they received. 

RR Paice