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National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)


Under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Local Development plans are once again simply “local plans” and the process for adopting them has been simplified. The NPPF has replaced and reduced guidance on local planning content and process. The framework explicitly brings the point of assessment and judgement forward in the process and intensifies the level of scrutiny.

Authorities must still maintain a 5 year supply of immediately deliverable housing land. If not their housing supply policies can be declared out of date and overridden by the framework. There will be a need for far more focus both on the planning and development control stage and on the viability and deliverability of development, including housing supply.

Viability will become even more important in plan-making, for developers. This is likely to mean that they have to demonstrate that proposed allocations are viable and deliverable, with the planning authority threatening that, if they cannot do so, then alternative sites will then be found.



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